Updated 4/18

Please Note:  Rankings are based solely on tournament performance.   AA teams may be ranked higher than majors teams if their success significantly exceeds majors teams success in their respective tournaments.   Teams that have not played yet are not ranked.  "Elite", "Select", and all star teams that do not practice together are not considered.  Rankings are compiled to reward teams for their success and are not intended to be critical of teams ranked lower.  Finally, please email if we are missing a team that deserves recognition


1- Sin City Thunder Took 2nd in Phoenix NIT.  Only one win in PG NIT but hung with some of the top California programs






1 - Sin City Thunder Currently ranked number three in the nation.  Multiple tournament wins.  Won silver in 9u this weekend

2-  Rawlings Tigers  Runner up in Spring Series NIT

3- SN Baseball  Won recent tournament

4- Vegas Vortex  New team that just started playing

5- VV Wolfpack  Start up club from a good program.  Should begin to rise in rankings

6- Jam  Another brand new one adding to the local 8u ranks


1-  SN Baseball Kids from elite 10u team playing down make this team tough.  Whipped Raptors in LVBB brackets

2- Vegas Raptors Have performed very well against lesser competition but smoked in back to back brackets by SN and Dirtbags

3 - GBG Vegas  Maybe not quite ready for majors play but a solid AA team

4-  LVBA  Had a nice run in LVBB pool play but didn't advance in brackets

5- LV Madmen Always challenge.  Scrappy team.  Best in city their 8u season

7  VV Wolfpack  Tough time in LVBB tournament

8- Rawlings Tigers Back in action next weekend

9- LVR   Slow start for this team in their first two tourneys.  Likely to improve with experience


1-  LV Gamers  Played up in 11u AA and made it to the ship

2- Southern Nevada  Won the NCS NIT beating a tough majors team from the Bay Area twice

3- LVR Took the week off.  They are back at it next week.  Part of the elite three with the two above them.  Powerful team

4- High Heat Went perfect in Phoenix AAA NIT.  Performed well in VV NIT

5- Rawlings Tigers Camargo  Played 11u AA and had a decent showing

6- Vegas Strong  Handle AA teams well but struggle against majors teams

7- Sin City Thunder  Performed capably in NCS tourney.  Almost knocked out a California majors team

8- Vegas Forge  Runner up in the LVBB AA bracket

9 - BLE Playing majors and 11u is admirable, but when you can't win any games, it seems questionable

10- Sidewinders New entrant


1-  Vegas Xpress  Shaky early in LVBB and almost got knocked out,  but then recovered and did what Xpress does - win the ship

2-  Team Houston  They continue to perform well.  Seem to skip bigger tournaments, though

3 - GBG Red  Not their best performance in LVBB, but they get a one weekend pass

4-  LVR  Bracket play struggles continue for this talented team.   Xpress was their daddy in an interesting  matchup this weekend.  They will win a ship soon

5 - Rawlings Tigers Fairweather   Strong showings in MLK classic and Phoenix NIT.  Won AAA VV NIT

6- Team MVP Had their best tourney ever beating GBG and almost eliminating Xpress

7 - SN Bruins They find their way to a lot of championship games.  Won the 11u AA Battle Born

8 - LVBA  Lower level majors team.  Play really well at times, but haven't been in a ship for quite some time

9- LV Kaos They won't put the LVBB tournament on their resume.  They will rebound

10- Rawlings Tigers Dellinger Right there with Bruins and Kaos as the top AA teams.  Won the AA bracket at the PG NIT


1- LVR  The elite team in Las Vegas.   Another solid weekend making it to the majors ship in LVBB

2- LV Kaos Gritty team that can hang with anyone

3- GBG  Keep improving.  Can beat anyone

4- LV High Heat Nice run in Phoenix NIT in AA division.  Won VV majors NIT

5- SN Baseball  Solid performance in LVBB

6- SN Bruins   Recently went perfect in Utah

7- LVBA  Sound fundamentally.  Las Vegas baseball stalwart

8- Rawlings Tigers A lot of good ballplayers.  Play well in Empire tournaments

9- Vegas Gamers  New entrant.  Runner up in 12u AA at LVBB

10- Nevada Crew  Won the Bases Loaded tournament this weekend