Final rankings out 6/27

Please Note:  Rankings are based largely on tournament performance.   AA teams may be ranked higher than majors teams if their success significantly exceeds majors teams success in their respective tournaments.   Teams that have not played yet are not ranked.  "Elite", "Select", and all star teams that do not practice together are not considered.  Rankings are compiled to reward teams for their success and are not intended to be critical of teams ranked lower.  Finally, please email if we are missing a team that deserves recognition


1- Sin City Thunder Won 8u Tournament in Utah.   Three consecutive ship appearance playing 8u.  Will be the team to beat entering their 8u season next year






1 - Sin City Thunder Powered through Wood Bat not giving up a run in the tournament

2-  Rawlings Tigers Black Have been playing 9u recently.  Solid team

3- LVBA Performed capably in their first tournament against 9u teams

4- SN Baseball  A little green but will improve

5- NSA Stars New entrant.  Made it to the ship at Wood Bat

6- VV Wolfpack Young program that continues to improve

7- JAM Baseball Have improved every week and look to contend as a 9u squad

8- Rawlings Tigers Orange Very raw.  Will get better with experience

9- Henderson Hawks  New entrant.  Little League team making the jump to club.   Need experience  


1-  SN Baseball  Another championship in Silver State once again besting Raptors

2- Vegas Raptors  Easily the second best team, but can't get past SN - losing the last four matchups

3 - LVBA  Played well at Wood Bat making it to the ship against 10u teams

4-  GBG  Had a nice season but have not played for awhile.  Have they broken up?

5- LV Madmen Tough team that won't lay down.  Runner up in May Madness AA

6  LVR  Struggled in tourney play.  No longer playing majors so should see improvement

7- Sin City Thunder Rebuilt roster with a ship appearance in Empire and a loss in bracket semis at Silver State

8- VV Wolfpack  Have had some success during the 2021 season

9- Rawlings Tigers  Once top of the heap but have struggled and look to rebuild

10- JAM Baseball New entrant.  Won a couple games at Silver State  


1-  SN Baseball  Idle this week, but move to the top spot after delivering every tournament

2- Vegas Gamers  A beat behind SN and a beat ahead of LVR.  A fair argument could be made to rank these three in any order

3- LVR Played a terrific tournament at Wood Bat going undefeated and taking down Gamers in the ship

4- High Heat Shut down for 2021.  Had a really good season finding their way to a lot of ships

5- Rawlings Tigers Camargo  They will always give you a fight and are closing the gap between AA and majors

6- BLE  Finally played against 10u teams and had a signature win against Gamers which is no small feat.  Great to see these kids battle

7- Rawlings Tigers Weber Back to back AA ships catapults this team with an improved roster

8- Vegas Strong  A strong AA team all season that is a notch below the majors teams they are trying to reach

9 - Sin City Thunder Have had an up and down season but have won rings.  Always a tough out in a AA tourney

10- LVBA Good job by this program rebuilding their formerly powerful 10u team.  Still a little green, but have competed well in the three tourneys they played


1-  Vegas Xpress  Once untouchable, Xpress have proven fallable with no ship appearances in some time and losses to local teams

2- LVR  Would have passed Xpress if they won Wood Bat but they were idle this week.  Likely the most feared 11u team in Vegas right now   

3- GBG   Surprising loss to SN Bruins in Silver State brackets, but have played well all year.  Narrowly holding off the fast charging MVP squad

4 - Team MVP  Captured the elusive ship they wanted in Wood Bat and took down Xpress doing it

5 - LVBA  Won Dry Heat AAA.  Runner up in May Madness Silver division

6 - Rawlings Tigers Fairweather  Runner up in Dry Heat AAA.  They are pretty consistent with winning games

7 - SN Bruins Terrific piece in Silver State majors knocking out GBG in brackets and making it to the ship.  Never sleep on the Bruins

8- Rawlings Tigers Dellinger A tremendous run in wood bat making it to the ship.   They have been a force all season

9- LV Lions Went from a mediocre AA team to a highly competitive majors team.  An impressive turnaround, but close games still are not the same as wins

10- MBA Nevada  Born from the ashes of Gamers 11u, this team enters the top ten via the once mighty and second ranked Team Houston folding


1- LVR  Idle this week, much to the relief of their local competitors

2- SN Bruins The hot team with a ship appearance at May Madness and a win at Wood Bat

3- LVBA Haven't done much recently, but were playing very well a couple months prior

4- GBG  Have had some tremendous moments this season

5- SN Baseball Won a soft field at Silver State, but a win is a win

6- LV High Heat  Took the ship in Dry Heat.  Idle this week

7- Rawlings Tigers Surprisingly, played down in AA at Wood Bat in a four team field

8- Golden Spikes Pirates Nice performance at Wood Bat making it to the ship before falling to Bruins

9- LV Kaos  A strong team earlier this season, have not played very well as of late

10- Vegas Strong  New entrant.  Tough AA team.  Took second in May Madness AA division