Updated 1/14

Please Note:  Rankings are based solely on tournament performance.  League and weekend scrimmage results are not considered.  Teams that have not played yet are not ranked.  "Elite", "Select", and all star teams that do not practice together are not considered.  Rankings are compiled to reward teams for their success and are not intended to be critical of teams ranked lower.  Finally, please email if we are missing a team that deserves recognition


1- Sin City Thunder Performed capably in NIT tournament against a tough field






1 -  Sin City Thunder Won the NIT tournament.  Top team on the west coast

2-  Rawlings Tigers  Solid team with strong potential  

3-  SN Baseball Won recent tournament

4- Silverbacks  They give it a go


1-  Sin City Thunder Competed very well in the regional NIT.  The team to beat right now in Vegas

2-  Rawlings Tigers  Beat Thunder in Utah in a championship.  Play very well at times

3-  LV Madmen  Best 8u team last season.  Rebuilding a bit but will be back

4-  LVBA  Not quite the talent level of the teams above them, but they always battle and are well coached

5-  GBG Vegas  Have had some very good moments

6 - Vegas Raptors  Much improved after combining with the disbanded Aviators

7 - VV Wolfpack  They need some seasoning but there is potential


1-  LV Gamers The elite Vegas team for two seasons running.  LVR coming hard and fast

2- LVR  Went undefeated in their first tournament and beat SN twice

3- SN Baseball  Terrific team with potential to capture the first spot

4- High Heat Always a threat.  They seem to find their way to a bunch of championship games

5- Rawlings Tigers  Right on High Heat's heals.  Have won recent tournaments

6- Vegas Strong  Can beat any team at any given time.  Solid  program

7- Vegas Raptors Took second place last week in Kingman

8- Sin City Thunder  Rebuilding after losing players

9 - Sidewinders  New team with potential.  Needs seasoning

10- Vegas Forge  They continue to battle.  Improve every season


1-  Vegas Xpress  The dominant 11u team since their 8u season

2-  Team Houston  Beat Xpress in pool play.  Talent level isn't as deep, however

3-  LVBA  Always battles with Xpress.  Solid team for a long time.  Great program

4 - GBG Red  Very good offense.  Capable of winning every tourney they enter

5-  LVR  Super skilled roster.  Team has not gelled yet, but look out down the road

6- Team MVP  Up and coming team.  Can compete with anyone

7- Rawlings Tigers Dellinger  Improving.  Just a step behind the teams above

8- SN Bruins  Well coached, always battle.  Small team, but mighty and feisty

9- LV Lions  Vast improvement from their early days

10- LV Kaos  Had a great 10u campaign.  Haven't quite found their footing this year


1- LVR  The crown jewel of 12u teams in the valley

2- SN Bruins Gritty team that can hang with anyone

3- Golden Spikes Pirates  Solid program and a team that has been good for years

4- LV Kaos  The best of the Kaos teams

5- High Heat  Can compete with the best

6- GBG Red  Drop off from the the top teams but they have skill

7- CBA Gold  What happened to all the CBA teams from a few years ago?

8- Rawlings Tigers  Have a few tourney wins under their belt

9- Las Vegas Swing  Former LVBA players have been very good at times