• No new inning after 1:40.  Coaches, please establish with umpire exact starting time of the game

  • Game ends immediately if clock expires while home team is hitting if they are ahead

  • Another inning will begin if previous inning ends before clock expires

  • Championship game.  No new inning after 2:00



  • 12 after three innings

  • 8 after four innings



  • 7u - Five runs per inning

  • 8u - Five runs per inning

  • 9u - Six runs per inning

  • 10u - Seven runs per inning

  • 11u - Eight runs per inning

  • 12u - Eight runs per inning

Run caps are for the first three innings.  Unlimited after



  • All teams must submit their roster online before their first game

  • Birth certificates are not required at check in

  • Coaches are on the honor system for only using age eligible players

  • Age cut off is the standard May 1st

  • Any player found to be ineligible due to age will be immediately removed from the game and will not be allowed to play in future games

  • Players can play on two teams in different age divisions, however they can only pitch on one team



  • All protests must be handled immediately.  There will be no retroactive protests

  • Judgement calls are not subject to protest

  • Game clock will not pause during a protest unless the team with the lead requests the protest

  • Umpire in chief will make the ruling on the protest



  • Teams can elect to hit as may players on their roster as they wish

  • A player can not play defensively unless he is in the batting lineup

  • A player can not courtesy run unless he is in the batting lineup

  • Courtesy runner is allowed for the pitcher and/or catcher.  Last batted out is the runner

  • Re-entry is allowed if a player pinch hits or enters a game defensively

  • A player who enters a game and then is replaced by re-entry is ineligible for the duration

  • A team can play with eight players.  The ninth spot in the batting order is an automatic out.  A team can not play with seven or fewer



  • There are no restrictions.  Please use discretion to protect young arms

  • 7u/8u throw from 40 feet

  • 9u/10u throw from 46 feet

  • 11u/12u throw from 50 feet

  • Balks will not be called at 7u/8u

  • One warning will be given per team at 9u

  • No warnings will be given from 10u through 12u



  • There is not a mandatory slide rule at any base

  • Players must, however, slide or avoid contact at all bases

  • If an umpire deems a runner makes significant contact with a fielder and does not slide, that runner will be called out.  This is a judgment call and can not be protested



  • 7u - Bases are 60 feet

  • 8u - Bases are 60 feet

  • 9u - Bases are 65 feet

  • 10u - Bases are 65 feet

  • 11u - Bases are 70 feet

  • 12u - Bases are 70 feet

    • *** 9u may play at 60 feet if base posts are not available at 65 feet ***

    • ***10u may play at 70 feet if bases posts are not available at 65 feet ***



  • Coaches should verify the score each inning with the home plate umpire

  • The umpire score card will be the official score.  The umpire will not go back and change a score from an earlier inning UNLESS both teams agree that an error was made on the umpire score card



  • Each team will start the inning with the bases loaded and one out

  • The runners will be the last three batters from the previous inning.  The coach can place these runners as he sees fit

  • In the event the score is still tied after the additional inning, the next inning will start with the bases loaded and two outs and will continue as such until a victor is determined



  • Home team is determined by a coin toss.  Winner of the flip has choice to be home or away

  • Please have two ballplayers from each team attend the plate meeting with the coaches for the coin toss

  • Umpires will address any rules or regulation concerns or handle any questions



  • Wood bats are permitted at all age levels

  • Bats stamped with USA Baseball certification are permitted at all age levels

  • Club ball bats must be stamped with 1.15 BPF certification or BBCOR

  • Penalty for an illegal bat will be the player is declared out



  • Managers/Coaches are accountable for their own behaviour.  Arguments and complaints are part of the game, however if it becomes persistent or becomes too heated, ejections will ensue.  Umpire discretion.  Please don’t allow it to get to this point.  Set an example for your ballplayers 

  • Managers are also accountable for parent/fan conduct

  • Umpires are to give both the fan and the corresponding manager a warning for unruly behavior.  If the behavior persists, both the fan and manager will be ejected

  • Any adult ejected from a game is required to leave the facility immediately.  At the least, they must go to the parking lot and can not remain at the field.  If they refuse to leave the facility in a timely fashion, their team will forfeit the game.  The umpire in chief or tourney director will be contacted and will make the determination of what is “timely fashion” should it get to that point



  • All teams are required to be ready to play one half hour before the scheduled game time.  It is important to keep games on schedule, so we will start games early whenever we can.  Coaches can not request to wait for missing players or take time to warm up if the field is ready to go



  • No restrictions on the amount of coaches allowed for each team

  • Only two coaches are allowed in front of the dugout at any time.  Additional coaches must be in the dugout, along the fence, or anywhere else

  • Sitting on buckets is allowed, but please move them into the dugout if no one is using them



  • Base runners can not take lead offs or leave the base until the ball crosses the plate

  • In the event the runner has left early, he is to be returned to his original base unless he is called out on the play

  • If he leaves early and the ball is put into play, he can only advance one base

  • There is no infield fly rule

  • There is no dropped third strike

  • Players can not steal home

  • Runners can only score on a batted ball put into play, a walk, or a hit batsman



  • No games played - all money refunded

  • One game played - half of entry fee refunded

  • Two games played - no refund