Power Rankings

As the season progresses, things are beginning to become a bit clearer while there are still some mysteries.  Please note - for those who have followed this website, we have tried to be consistent with not being too reactionary to the results week to week.  A team that has had a lot of success but has an off tournament likely will not be significantly dropped, nor a team that has scuffled be skyrocketed after one great tourney


It's not an exact science, and we will never get everyone to agree.  We provide the comments and forum section for others to voice their opinions.  Please feel free to do so, but let's keep things civil.  Any comments naming people specifically in a negative light will be immediately deleted.  We are here to promote the local game, not tear it down

As the season progresses, we may split up the bigger divisions into a AA and majors rankings, however for the time being, they are combined

Please note - a successful AA team with multiple tournaments wins will likely be ranked higher than a majors team that struggles in tournaments play

Finally, the contributors to this website do their best to try to be fair and unbiased with their rankings.  While some may find us off at times, we believe we have a pretty accurate take on the local scene.  Any omissions are not intentional and we are happy to look deeper at any age level if we have not given a team their just due.  Please feel free to contact us at any time


1-  Sin City Thunder (1)





Thunder 7s continue to impress, making it to the ship in their first two tournaments at the 8u level, and putting a scare into the Thunder 8s by taking a 2-0 lead into the fourth inning in Fight On brackets

Looking ahead, there is a 7u bracket later in November so it will be curious to see how this team fares against other 7u squads


1-  Rawlings Tigers (2)

2- Sin City Thunder Purple (1)

3 - SN Baseball (3)

4 - Legacy (4)

5 - NSA Stars (5)

6 - Golden Spikes (6)

7 - Sin City Thunder Black (7)

8- VV Wolfpack (8)

9- Henderson Hawks (9)

10- LVBA (10)

Congrats to the Tigers for being the only team from Las Vegas to win the NIT this weekend.  Great job by these young kids and for the first time they replace the mighty Thunder purple in the top spot

Thunder were right there battling with two of the top teams in the nation, but lost two close games and were unable to advance in brackets

It should be fun watching Thunder and Tigers go back and forth all year for city supremacy 

Also, a quick shout out to SN for stepping up and joining the other five power squads in the small 9u NIT.  Here is to hoping this age division continues to grow and develop


1-  SN Baseball Gray (1)

2- Vegas Gamers (2)

3 - GBG Vegas (5)

4- Rawlings Tigers Black (3)

5 - Canes West (6)

6 - LVR (4) 

7- LV High Heat (7)

8 - Sidewinders (8)

9- Vegas Strong (12)

10- Sin City Thunder (14)

11 - LV Kaos (9)

12 - Rawlings Tigers Orange (11)

13 - SN Baseball Red (10) 

14 - LVBA (11)

15 - Excuseless Athletics (15)


Tough weekend for our 11u squads in general.  Shout out to Thunder for making it to the ship in AA and GBG for winning the Silver bracket in majors

The team that some consider our best local squad at any level did not have a tournament to remember, losing decisively in their first bracket game.  Nonetheless, SN Gray is a fantastic team and we know they'll rebound and be better than ever next tournament

Nice work by the Gamers making a little run in brackets before running out of steam.  They have clearly separated themselves already as the team primed to knock out SN should SN struggle again

Tigers, Canes, and LVR didn't perform as well as those teams would have liked, but all are great teams and we know they will have some memorable performances in the coming months


1-  LVR (1)

2- Rawlings Tigers Massineri (2)

3 - Henderson Crawdads (3) 

4 - Inspire Baseball (4)

5 - LVBA (5)

6 - SN Tribe (6)

7 - LV Kaos (7)

8 - LV Phillies (8)

9 - SN Baseball (9)

10 - Canes West (10)

11-  SN Tribe (11)

12 - Nevada Athletics Green (12)

13 - Rawlings Tigers Weber (13)

14 - Sin City Thunder (14)

15 - LV High Heat (15)

Nice work by the Tigers making it to the semis in the majors bracket before being knocked out.  This outstanding team continues to impress and looks to knock LVR off their perch

The Recruits opted for AA in this tournament and easily won this bracket filled with mostly local teams.  We're looking forward to a matchup between the powerful Tigers and LVR in the near future

Outside of LVR, Tigers, and the Crawdads, we are still very unclear about this division.  We'll leave the rankings as they currently are for one more week as we try to see some separation

This has been the hardest division for our panel to rank as results tend to vary widely from week to week


1 - Sin City Thunder (1)

2-  LVR (2)

3- High Heat (4)

4- LVBA (4) 

5- Rawlings Tigers (3)

The 8u bracket at the NIU was fairly stacked with solid teams from Cali

Locally we had LVR, Thunder, and Tigers participate.  LVBA wisely pulled out 

Thunder played well, winning two games before falling in the semis.  LVR struggled a bit in only their second tournament, but this was a difficult indoctrination.  Great things are ahead for this young and developing team

Tigers probably should have followed LVBAs lead and dropped out.  After a very rough go in pool play,  they inexplicably chose to forfeit their bracket game and play it as a scrimmage

We look forward to watching this tender age group grow and develop with new teams forming and kids getting reps and experience


1 -  SN Baseball (1)

2 - LVBA (2)

3 - LV Madmen (3)

4 - Legacy Baseball (4)

5 - Rawlings Tigers (5)

6 - Sin City Thunder (6))

7 - JAM Baseball (7)

8 - LVBA Navy (8)

9-  LV HIgh Heat (9)

10 - NSA Stars (10) 

SN retains a precarious hold on the top spot after a so so performance at the NIT.  This terrific team has played very well this season, so we give them a one week pass and hope to see better results next tournament

Unfortunately, LVBA skipped this tournament so we did not get to see how they would have fared against these great teams

Congrats to Legacy for a nice run in the brackets, winning two games.  Good to see this talented team right their ship.  We think this team is primed to make a move up the polls in the coming weeks

Great job by the Madmen for winning the AA bracket without breaking a sweat

The bottom of our rankings stays the same.  Should be a quite a bit of movement with some interesting Novemember tournaments coming up


1- LVR (1)

2- Vegas Xpress (2)

3 - GBG Vegas Red (NR)

4- Henderson Crawdads (4)

5 - Team MVP (3)

6- SN Bruins (6)

7 - LVBA (5)

8- LV Lions (7) 

9- Nevada Crew (8)

10- Golden Spikes (9)

11 - Rawlings Tigers (13)

12 - SN Tribe (11)

13 - Sidewinders (12)

14 - LV Kaos (14)

15 - LV Phillies (15)

Unfortunately, 12u turned out even more disappointing than 11u this weekend with unremarkable performances from all our local teams

In majors, only GBG Red made the Gold bracket before losing their first game.  Welcome back to this talented team, who may be the top contender to LVR as the season progresses 


Speaking of LVR,  shout out to our top squad for winning the silver, but we know this is a team that was gunning for the gold

It isn't often that Xpress goes 0-3 in a tournament, but this was a stacked field.  This tremendous team will rebound, but they have struggled recently

Bruins continue to impress us and move up the charts with gritty play and are knocking on the door of some of the majors teams ahead of them, so nice work by this team