It's easy to be the top team when you are the only team, but Thunder 7's were legit.  They were right in the mix with the top Cali 7s and at one time won 14 out of 15 against local 8u squads.  They will be the top dog entering their 8u season

1- Sin City Thunder






Thunder entered the season ranked #1 in the nation and proved themselves all year, winning one NIT and finishing runner up in another.  They head to Florida for the elite world series next week with an opportunity to bring a title back to Nevada

1 - Sin City Thunder 

2-  Rawlings Tigers Black 

3- LVBA 

4- SN Baseball  

5- NSA Stars 

6- VV Wolfpack 

7- JAM Baseball 

8- Rawlings Tigers Orange 

9- Henderson Hawks  


SN gradually built momentum as their season progressed and became the team to beat passing their rival Raptors as the elite at this age level.  SN was consistent and impressive earning this top spot and will be a force their 10u season

1-  SN Baseball  

2- Vegas Raptors  

3 - LVBA  

4-  GBG  

5- LV Madmen 

6  LVR  

7- Sin City Thunder 

8- VV Wolfpack  

9- Rawlings Tigers  

10- JAM Baseball 


Another hot button division, Xpress was poised to be dethroned by the super gifted boys from LVR, but then came up with an amazing performance at the International World series battling from a low bracket seed all the way to the semifinals before running out of steam against regional powerhouse RJBA.  Xpress has been the gold standard at their age level every season and earns the number one spot once again 

1-  Vegas Xpress  

2- LVR    

3- GBG   

4 - Team MVP  

5 - LVBA  

6 - Rawlings Tigers Fairweather

7 - SN Bruins 

8- Rawlings Tigers Dellinger 

9- LV Lions 

10- MBA Nevada  


The division most discussed, and for good reason.  Very sound arguments have been made about what order the top three teams should be ranked in.  Hard to ignore what the Gamers did all season, and they did beat both LVR and SN at Best of the West, however SN gets the nod over both the Gamers and the fast charging Recruits with their consistency and dominant play all season

1-  SN Baseball  

2- LVR  

3- Vegas Gamers 

4- High Heat 

5- Rawlings Tigers Camargo  

6- BLE  

7- Rawlings Tigers Weber 

8- Vegas Strong  

9 - Sin City Thunder 

10- LVBA 


LVR's flagship younger team that has been dominant every season since they were 9u.  While many power squads suffer ups and downs, this team consistently wins and sets the bar very high for their local competition to try to catch.  Kudos to the skilled kids on this team and their tremendous coaching staff

1- LVR  

2- SN Bruins 

3- LVBA 

4- GBG  

5- SN Baseball 

6- LV High Heat  

7- Rawlings Tigers 

8- Golden Spikes Pirates 

9- LV Kaos  

10- Vegas Strong