About Us

As the writers for this website,  we like to keep our anonymity.  Not that there is any deep dark mysterious secret we are hiding, mostly it is only because we are not very interesting and would hate to disappoint people.

 This website was purchased from the original owner for the steep price of one twelve pack of beer.  It is still up in the air if this was a sound purchase, but we continue to put in the time to keep everything updated and hopefully provide some useful content to our local community. 

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Our Story

Sin City Baseball Events was originally created as  a web page for a local baseball organization to use in order to host their own tournaments.  Since that time, however, the website is no longer managed by that organization, is not tied to any tournament company, and has evolved into what we hope is a one stop shop for those who are interested in the youth baseball scene in the greater Las Vegas area.

Our editorial team has no direct affiliation with any baseball organization, although we all do have kids that play in the local scene.  We have contributors at the different age levels who offer expertise and try to keep our rankings and comments as accurate and fair as possible.

This website has grown exponentially since it's inception and now gets a considerable amount of hits every day.  While this is not run for profit, we do appreciate everyone who contributes to the website and helps advance and promote our local scene.

We get quite a bit of feedback from the community and appreciate everyone who reaches out.    We are always looking for contributors and happy to take ideas for new or additional content.   



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